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Need money for your school or organization this year??

  • With us you get up to 50 % profit on select programs!
  • Free product if you contact us before June 1st!
  • Free Brochures and freight if you use our system!
  • Fundraising Campaign can last as few as 7 days!
  • Your supporters can pay for their product or donate with Visa and Mastercard!
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*Above incentives are only applicable if you contact us by July 1st.

For your convenience, your customers can now use Visa and Mastercard for the purchase of all fundraising products!

Does your group or school need money for uniforms, trips, band equipment or more? We can help. We have been in fundraising for 36 years and have helped groups and schools raise over $5,000,000. We would be honored if you would give us an opportunity to meet your fundraising needs.



  • $15,500 for West High School Band!

  • 36 Years of Experience

  • Raised $56,000 for John Sevier Elementary

  • Over $5,000,000 raised for schools and non-profit groups

  • Raised $24,000 for Hartselle Intermediate

  • Raised $10,000 for Clanton MS Band

    Who We Work with
    We work both with schools and communities, from small clubs to large schools. Our groups include physical education departments, bands, choirs, athletics.

    How We Work
    We have a long history in fundraising, and we know how to do it right. We know that you don’t have much time, and our programs are designed to help you raise money quickly. We have great products which you will see on our website, but we know that fundraising is so much more than just picking out a product, although that is important.

    Quality of service, quality of products, perception in the community, promotions, percentage of profit all go into a great program. At the start of each year our goal is to offer the best service with quality products. How do we achieve this? We make sure we do not wastefully spend time and money on things that have a low probability of succeeding, and we take care to keep our overhead low so we can pass on more profit to you our client.

    Before you choose to work with anyone else we would really appreciate a chance to earn your business. You may fill out our info request form or call us toll free at 1-800-932-5270 or 865-363-7931

    Our Clients

    • Elementary Schools

    • High Schools
    • Communities
    • Physical Education Departments
    • Bands and Choirs
    • Athletic Teams and Clubs
    • Daycares
    • Others